Here's the latest and greatest at KWIK Data Systems:

January, 2005 - KWIK Data Systems closes 2004 and celebrates it's third consecutive profitable year!

March, 2004 - Sauls Seismic of Birmingham, Alabama awards KWIK Data Systems with embedded & applications software contract.

January, 2004 - Joseph R. Getz climbs aboard as Director of Sales & Operations bringing many high-profile business associates with him.

December, 2003 - KWIK Data Systems finishes 2 consecutive years in a row successfully guiding numerous small businesses through the technology maze to efficiency.

April, 2002 - John Watson takes over our Public Relations & Systems Services division by becoming KWIK Data Services. David Cataldo continues operating the Engineering & Applications division under the KWIK Data Systems name.

January, 2002 - Custom Freight Systems hands over all it's network & applications development responsibility to KWIK Data Systems.

December, 2001 - KWIK Data Systems finishes a frustrating, though busy and promising initial year of business.

August, 2000 - David A. Cataldo & John W. M. Watson join forces to form KWIK Data Systems & Services.